What shouldn’t I do in London?在伦敦,有那些事不应该做

获得34600 好评的回答@ Doug Gallagher:Visit the Natural History Museum during the school holidays在学校放假期间参观自然历史博物馆

Children love dinosaurs. Parents want to feel that their kids are doing something educational on holiday.孩子喜欢恐龙。同时,父母们想让孩子们在假期里做些有教育意义的事。The Natural History Museum is genuinely the best museum in the world bar none, and frankly I would live in it if I could. But unfortunately, it is insanely popular.伦敦的自然历史博物馆是世界上最好的博物馆,如果可以的话,我会住在这里的。但不幸的是,这个博物馆真的受欢迎到了不正常的地步。Visit M&M World参观M&M世界

Alternative: Absolutely anything else you can think of. Even visit Madame Tussauds.其他可去之处:你绝对可以想到其他的地方。甚至去参观杜莎夫人蜡像馆也是可以的。Visit Oxford Street逛牛津街

For the Americans reading this – Oxford Street is like a mall, but with fewer senior citizens going for a jog, 20 million more people actually visiting, no parking, higher prices and no climate control.我来向读这篇文章的美国人讲解一下:牛津街就像一个购物中心,但是慢跑的老年人会比较少、有2000多万的游客挤着去逛街、没有停车位、物价高昂、也没有空调。

获得46500好评的回答@Ernest W. Adams:Don’t carry an open shopping bag or handbag over your shoulder.不要把没有拉链的购物袋或手提包背在肩上This is OK:这样是可以的

This is risky:这样就不大安全了

获得5900好评的回答@ Mike Richmond:Don’t take the underground when you could walk.如果你可以步行就不要乘地铁了London is a big city, but it is smaller than you imagine.The underground is a good way of getting from one side to the other, but if you are a tourist, make most of your trips on foot.伦敦是个大城市,但它比你想象的小。地铁是很便捷的交通工具,但如果你是一个游客,还是多一点旅行徒步比较好。

获得268好评的回答@ Lora Nellhs:Don’t Ask Anyone If They Know The Queen不要问任何人他们是否认识女王

‘Oh, you’re American, do you know Barack Obama?’ sounds a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s what everyone in London thinks when asked if they know the Queen. More than 60 million people live in the UK, and over eight million of those live in Greater London alone. Britain may look small on a map, but it definitely is not once you get here.“哦,你是美国人,那你认识奥巴马吗?”这样的问题听上去有点可笑,难道不是吗?这也正是伦敦人听到你问他们是否认识女王的感受一样的。6000多万人居住在英国,而且光是在伦敦就有超过八百万的人。在地图上,英国可能看上去是并不大,但是一旦你去了就会发现其实并不小。

获得9.100好评的回答@Varun Chaubey:Make conversation with strangers on the Underground在地铁上和陌生人交流See these guys here?看到这里的人了?

They have their eyes shut, on a recycled London Metro newspaper, their phones, theawful adverts, or on the door. They do not want to speak, let alone make accidental eye contact with a stranger.他们有的闭着眼睛,有的在看伦敦地铁的再生报纸,看手机,看糟糕的广告,或目光聚集在门上。他们不想说话,更不用说和陌生人有眼神交流了。