What are some life hacks for a guy to look more handsome/attractive?
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1) Clothes that fit. A few of us are gifted with dimensions that allow us to purchase straight off the rack. But most men (myself included) absolutely need to have custom-fitted clothing. Do this. Cut the number of clothes you buy in half. And double what you spend on each item. You will look great and feel great when your clothes fit perfectly.
2) Assume everyone likes you. Take the lead when meeting people. Pretend you are a host or that you have the responsibility to help others enjoy themselves in a conversation. Most people are awkward or nervous in social situations, so if you take the pressure off of them, they’ll love you for it and see you as more attractive.
3) Find a friend who always looks sharp. Ask them for tips for you.
4) Believe you are handsome. Confidence is attractive.
Good luck!
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  1. Carry your prop
    Book! Nothing beats a guy with a book. I really really really really like seeing a guy with a book resting near him. Bonus point – if he’s actually reading it.
    Pet. I like seeing a guy who treats his pet well. They seem more attractive and make people assume they will actually be a good father someday.
    Scarf, sunglasses, beanie, coffee or anything that you think suits you best.
  2. Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Little things matter.
    Trim your nails or at least keep them clean and tidy.
    Teeth, this is so important. I secretly judge people’s teeth when they talk. It’s always nice to know when someone takes good care of their teeth. It gives an impression that they actually take care of themselves.
  3. Learn how to cook​.
    You don’t have to cook like Gordon Ramsay or any Michelin chefs and we don’t expect you to be like them either but it would be really great if you know how to cook something simple.
    A study was carried out and revealed that women find men most sexy when they are working in the kitchen, NOT when carrying ‘manly’ tasks.