What is something most people don’t know about Africa?关于非洲大部分人不知道的事?

获得14.7k好评的回答@Lamiae Hairane:Africa ≠ Black非洲≠黑

Moroccan villagers.摩洛哥村民。Africa ≠ Poverty非洲≠穷

Cape Town, South Africa南非开普敦

Lagos City, Nigeria.尼日利亚拉各斯市

Abidjan city, Ivory Coast.象牙海岸(科特迪瓦的大西洋沿岸地区)阿比让市Africa ≠ one country非洲≠一个国家

Africa is a continent, there are 54 countries located in the mother land.非洲是一个洲,非洲大陆上有54个国家。Africa ≠ Illiteracy非洲≠没文化Literacy rate in some African countries:非洲一些国家的识字率:South Africa – 93%南非–93%Seychelles – 91.8%塞舌尔–91.8%Gabon – 89%加蓬– 89%Mauritius – 88.8%毛里求斯–88.8%And the list is still way too long…太多了,就不一一列举了。

Africa ≠ the things you imagine非洲并非是你想的那样People in Africa look in all different shapes, sizes, skin colors, races, religions, and ethnicities.非洲人在身形、身材、肤色、种族、宗教和民族上都有差异。According to the definitions of whiteness in the United States, North Africans and some South Africans are considered white even though they are from Africa! Isn’t it weird!!??根据美国对白人的定义,北非和南非部分地区的人虽然身处非洲,但也算得上是白人!是不是很奇怪?