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Unless you think you’re the smartest, who doesn’t want to be smarter? Of course I want to be smarter too, so I try to find out who’s the real smart guy that maybe I can learn from. James Gardner has got me an answer on Quora about whether someone’s smart or not.


Here are the signs of smart people:下面是聪明人的10大信号:

1. They don’t talk as much as you, because they know they got smart by listening.他们不会说太多,因为他们知道多听才能变聪明。

2. They know lots of things other than what they’re specialised in. Theirs is the gift of a broad mind, constantly fed with the stimulant of being interested in what everyone else is doing.除去专业知识之外,他们知道的很多。他们的天赋就是思维活跃,总是对其他人在做的事情充满好奇和兴趣。

3. They juggle home, work and personal interests with dexterity and never fall back on the tired old refrain about “work life balance”. And when they’re juggling, they somehow manage to seem 100% engaged with what they’re doing, on all fronts simultaneously, even though you know they’re taking appropriate steps behind the scenes to make sure their lives are perfectly, serenely balanced.他们把家庭、工作和个人兴趣完美平衡,从来不会为“平衡工作和生活”这样的事情伤脑筋。当他们玩的时候,似乎会全身心的投入在这件事上面,他们面面俱到,虽然你很清楚,其实背后他们努力的走好每一步来让生活更加完美、更加平衡。

4. They probably do social media. Not always, but probably. It is not only another chance to listen, but one they use to ensure they can feed their brains with things they otherwise wouldn’t have come across.也许他们会涉足社交媒体。不是一贯如此,只是有可能而已。这也是另外一个倾听的机会,但他们往往关注的是那些从没有经历过的事情。

5. Even when things go very badly wrong, they’ll be smiling. Smart people never get ruffled because their smart brains present them with alternatives faster than the bad stuff can happen.即使事情发展很糟糕,他们也会面带微笑。聪明的人永远不会被打倒,他们的大脑永远都会在坏事发生之前,火速想好其他的解决方案。

6. They know they are usually the smartest person in the room, but they don’t spend their time dwelling on that. Instead, they take it as a personal challenge to see if they can make everyone else the smartest person in the room too.他们知道自己是屋子里最聪明的人,但不会花时间去沾沾自喜。相反,他们会把这当做对自己的挑战:看他们是不是能把屋子里的其他人也变得一样的聪明。

7. If they are managers, they will make every effort to get people smarter, more connected and more popular than them in their teams. They’re not threatened because they know that smartness is synergistic. They also make sure that their smart people get to look smarter than them for the same reason.如果他们是经理级别的人物,他们会努力让别人在整个团队中看上去比他们还要聪明、亲密和受欢迎。他们不会感到威胁,因为聪明有相互促进的作用。同理,他们也会确保这些聪明人看起来更聪明。

8. They have hidden skills that never get rolled out until they’re needed. They don’t have any need to show their full capabilities for reasons of proving they’re better than others.不到万不得已,他们不会展现出自己的所有技能,无需仅仅为了证明自己比别人厉害而去秀自己的能力。

9. They may or may not have expensive educations. You’d never know, just by being with them unless you had their CV in front of you.他们也许没有受到非常高端的教育,除非看到他们的简历,否则你永远都无从得知。

10. They never, ever, under any circumstances, make you look stupid, even though it would be easy to do so. They’ve learnt through bitter experience that the only thing that happens when you make someone look bad is you look bad yourself.在任何情况下,他们绝对绝对不会让你看起来很愚笨,哪怕这是件轻而易举的事情。因为从过去的教训中他们学到的是,让别人出丑的唯一结果就是自己也出丑。Now you should know who the smart people are. If you want to be the smart one, let me give you this extra advice from Steve Jobs “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”现在你应该知道谁才是聪明人了吧。如果你想变得聪明,再送你一句话,就是乔帮主那句经典的名言:“求知若饥,虚心若愚”。