What Are Some Funny Physics Jokes?有哪些搞笑的的物理学笑话?

获得198好评的回答@Matt SuttonMy favorite is: Why did the physicist’s pocket vibrate? Because he left his phonon.


The best one I have heard is that an ion walks into a bar, and says to the barkeeper, ‘I think I left an electron in here.’ The barkeeper replies ‘Are you positive?’


获得320好评的回答@ Dhruv DograA farmer noticed that his chickens were sick, and called in a biologist, a chemist, and a physicist to help diagnose the problem. The biologist observed the chickens, concluding, “I can tell you there’s something wrong with your chickens, but I don’t know what’s causing it.” The chemist took fluid samples from the chickens back to his lab, and returned saying, “I can tell you what’s infecting your chickens, but I don’t know how they got it.” Meanwhile, the physicist had been sitting on the floor, scribbling madly on several notebooks worth of paper. Suddenly, he jumped up, exclaiming, “I have the answer, but it only works for spherical chickens in a vacuum.”有个农民注意到他的鸡病了,于是请来一位生物学家,一位化学家,以及一位物理学家来帮忙诊断。这位生物学家观察了鸡下了结论:“我知道你的鸡出了什么问题,但是我不知道是什么导致的。”化学家从鸡身上取了液体样本回实验室,返回后解释:“我知道是什么使鸡感染,但是不知道是怎么感染到。”与此同时,物理学家坐在地上,在笔记上胡乱记下对论文有价值的材料。突然,他跳了起来,大叫:“我有答案了,但这只针对真空中的球形鸡有用。

获得543好评的回答@Tracey BryanHeisenberg is out for a drive when he’s stopped by a traffic cop. The cop says “Do you know how fast you were going?” Heisenberg says “No, but I know where I am.”