What are some mind-blowing facts about social psychology?有什么关于社会心理学的惊人事实?

获得7k好评的回答@Aayush Shrivastava:My 3 year old son doesn’t like to drink his milk. So we never ask him to “drink his glass of milk”. We just ask him – “do you want milk in a glass or a ‘baby’ bottle?”


Well, no points for guessing, it works every time… well, nearly every time. On most days, he ends up asking for a ‘glass of milk’.


So, what exactly do we do here?? We offer him a choice. Rather than forcing our decision, we let him decide. But he doesn’t decide the end result (drinking the milk) but just the means (glass or baby bottle).


We deceive his brain by empowering it, yet making it choose what we want.


This is how all major corporations work.所有主要合作都是这样完成的。

This is how all governments work.所有政府都是如此运行的。

This is how all relationships work.所有关系都是这样维持的。

获得5.4k好评的回答@Jawad Bataineh:1.Not having friends is as deadly as smoking.


There’s a relation between being lonely and blood clotting protein, which can lead to heart attacks.孤独和凝血蛋白之间有联系,会导致心脏病。

2. What people look at on a screen or picture depends on what you say to them.


If the picture hadn’t said that it was Wolverine first, would you have seen it first?


3. In our minds we tend to imitate and feel empathy for other people. We learn this as babies.


I shouldn’t really say learn because it’s actually wired into our heads. But when we do an action a certain set of neurons fire, and when we watch someone do an action that certain set of neurons also fire as if you were doing it yourself.