What is a unique job that you’ve only seen in your country?在你的国家有哪些独特的工作?

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Professional car plate number blockers!专业牌照遮挡人!

I think this happens only in Tehran. Some people get paid to walk behind your car, so the traffic cameras can not capture your plate number when you enter the restricted traffic areas!我想这种情况只会发生在德黑兰。这些人被雇佣去紧跟在车后面,如此而来,当你进入受限制的交通区域时,交通摄像头不会捕捉到你的车牌号码!

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JOB to make Two hundred thousand rotis (Indian flat bread), 1.5 tonnes of dal (lentil soup) and free food served to 100,000 people everyday are what makes the free kitchen run at the Golden Temple in the western Indian city of Amritsar stand apart.这项工作的内容是每天制作二十万个烤饼(印度扁面包),1.5吨的扁豆(扁豆汤)和免费的食物来供10万人食用,这使得坐落在印度西部城市阿姆利则的金庙的免费厨房脱颖而出。

Approximately 90% of the staff are volunteers, each of which can help as much as they are willing to. Volunteers can help with the preparation of food as well as the cleaning, as well as other necessary preparations. 大约90%的工作人员是志愿者,每位志愿者都可以尽自己所能帮忙。志愿者可以帮忙准备食物、清洁打扫,以及其他必要的准备工作。

At the end of eating, comes into play, another group of volunteers. Each dish is carefully washed off and made ready for the next group of visitors.在吃饭结束时,另一批志愿者进场。每个盘子都要清洗干净,准备好迎接下一批客人。

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With so many bicycles, so many canals and a lot of (drunk) youngsters that see fun in combining the two, there’s a problem in the Netherlands. The canals are full of rusty bikes, which poses a risk for the tourist boats. Every few months, these guys dig them all up and clean the canals. You may call them ‘bikediggers’.在荷兰,有很多自行车,也有很密集的运河,而且还有很多(喝醉的)年轻人觉得把这两者结合起来会很有意思,(所以)荷兰一直面临着一个问题。运河里满是生锈的自行车,这给游客船增加了危险。每隔几个月,这些工作人员就会将这些自行车从河里捞起来清理运河。你可以叫他们“自行车挖掘者”。

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For as little as 6,000 Yen p/hr ($60 USD), you can go to one of a number of cute, cosy cafés in Japan & cuddle with and sleep next to a woman (usually aged 18-30). Yup, just sleeping NEXT to someone with perhaps the occasional cuddle and head rub.只要6000日元/小时(60美元),你就可以去日本一家可爱、舒适的咖啡馆抱着一个女人(通常是18-30岁)睡觉。是的,只是睡在一个人旁边,可以有偶尔的拥抱和倚头依偎。This niche enterprise came about in response to the crippling loneliness that dominates Japan’s modern day society, as young people refrain from getting into relationships due to strict societal conventions that are imposed upon young people once they become married.这个特殊的企业旨在帮助人们应对沉重的孤独感,因为这种孤独感已经主导了日本的现代社会,年轻人受到严格的社会习俗的压迫,这种习俗要求人们一旦结婚就不能与他人交往。

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1)Snake Charmers耍蛇者

For the western world this profession was unique, enthralling and most importantly the identity of India.对于西方来说,这个行业是独一无二的、迷人的。最重要的是,这是印度的象征。2) Manual Knife Sharpeners人工磨刀者

3) People preparing jaggery自制粗糖者

4) People carrying Bioscope携带旧式电影放映机的人

5) Gaddewala or Bed Stuffer床垫填塞者

6) Rat Hunters of Irula and Kolava- Tamil Nadu泰米尔纳德邦Irula和Kolava部落的猎鼠人

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Ever heard of ‘muk-bang’ -the eating broadcast ?你有听过’muk-bang’,也就是吃饭直播吗?

Only in South Korea,where people do a web show of themselves eating!只有在韩国,那里的人们会直播吃饭!Park Seo-Yeon says she makes up to ₩10 million ($9,300) a month from her broadcasts alone. Although earns are not regular, they average around $4,000 monthly for the non prominent broadcasters.Park Seo-Yeon说她每月能从网络吃播上挣₩1000万(9300美元)。虽然收入不稳定,但他们每个月在非著名的广播公司直播平均能赚大约4000美元。