获得19.7k 好评的回答@ Tim Ernst:DITCH the Treadmill at ALL costs and do this WORKOUT before you eat dinner. Treadmills suck for optimal fat loss.


There are too many studies that show other forms of cardiovascular exercises are far more superior than the treadmill.


If you’ve been looking for a different training technique to break out of a rut, eliminate the boredom, and bring on new results, workout “complexes” may be just what you’ve been looking for.


The BEST benefit of doing this workout is you’ll experience the “after-burn effect.”


The after-burn effect is where you’ll get such a metabolic BOOST after your workout that you’ll continue to burn calories up to 48 hours post exercise. 


So my suggestion would be to do this workout before you eat dinner.


获得1.4k好评的回答@Albert Marrero:It sounds like your goal is fat loss, and I’ve been reading more and more recently, that it doesn’t matter when you do your cardio. 


With that said, I do my cardio before dinner, as I lift weights in the morning. All of my carbs are taken in before cardio, so my post-cardio dinner is protein and vegetables.


This ensures that I have used all the carbs in my system and I don’t go to bed with many carbs still in my system, so that I don’t run the risk of them converting into body fat.So, short answer, run before and use your after dinner meal to recover with protein and lots of green veggies.


获得1.2k 好评的回答@Prabha Bhugra:You should avoid heavy exercise after any meal. Preferably you should have a slow walk after dinner ( shatpavali) to help you digest your food. The reason to avoid exercise post any meal is the aid fast digestion of food.


获得1.2k 好评的回答@Homan Krishna:post workout and pre workout are both important meals. So keeping that in mind you should definitely eat before and after your running session but there should at least be some time maybe an hour or so between your pre workout meal and running .