The international apparel brand Zara is now launching a makeup collection that literally everyone is going to want.
Zara, 这个国际服装品牌现在推出了每个人都会想拥有一个化妆品系列。

Specifically, Zara is dropping “a comprehensive collection of lipsticks designed in L.A. and made in France,” according to a press release from the brand. That includes nine “unstoppable, one-stroke-application, full matte liquid lipsticks,” and eight “velvety, highly pigmented, and very comfortable matte lipsticks”

The “long-lasting, spectacular, ready-to-wear” shades — however many of them there many truly be — include bold, rich reds, berries, and browns that are perfect for fall and winter, so it’s no surprise that they were used on the models for the AW18 Zara Woman campaign shoot.
“持久,美貌,日常”的色调- 尽管不知道一共会有多少种颜色- 这个系列会包括大胆,丰富的红色,浆果和棕色,非常适合秋冬季节,所以毫不奇怪它们会被用于Zara 2018秋季女装宣传册的拍摄里。

In addition to the classic and liquid lipsticks sold individually, Zara will be releasing an Ultimatte Trio Set, which includes one of each kind of lipstick as well as a matching lip pencil. At this point, it doesn’t appear there will be individually-sold lip pencils, but if that changes, you can bet they’ll be “oh-so affordable,” as the press release promises. And that seems pretty likely considering the lipstick bullets will be $13 each, and the liquid lipsticks will be $10.

This isn’t the first time Zara has offered makeup; the brand released a collection that included a range of color cosmetics in 2007. Thankfully, if you’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Zara makeup for the past decade and then some, your wait will be over when the new lipstick collection hits on Wednesday, December 5.
这不是Zara第一次销售化妆品; 2007年,该品牌发布了一系列彩妆产品。值得庆幸的是,如果你在过去的十年中一直热切期待Zara化妆品的回​​归,那么当新口红系列12月5日星期三登陆Zara网站时,您的等待就终于可以结束了。